We Mastech for Technical Iron Works LLC, are committed to provide continually improving services according to the customer requirement. We Mastech for Technical Iron Works LLC, are committed to:

  • Guaranty our customer satisfaction
  • Continuous advancement of services quality
  • Boosting skill level, ability and knowledge of human resources
  • Increase contribution and spirit of cooperation of staff
  • Meet all applicable statutory & legal requirements


  • The company recognizes that for business success it is important to have to organize the HSE policy.
  • The HSE culture is through to all the staffs until it reaches to them.
  • HSE culture is encouraged and supported by the company management.
  • According to the nature of job each individual is trained by giving adequate training regarding safety and health.
  • Good planning is made to take necessary safety precautions, suggestions given by the individuals are appreciated, reviewed and implemented to keep the HSE policy and company Healthy.


  1. Purpose

1.1. The Purpose of this procedure is to implement preventive actions to avoid accidents

and the welfare of the staffs is of great important to the Mastech For Technical Iron

Works LLC (MTC).

  1. Scope

2.1. This safety policy describes the vital requirements for ensuring safety and to follow

them in effective manner.

  1. Definitions

a) Office – MTC premises where main office and workshop located.

b) Client – Organization or an individual who requires MTC service.

c) MTC – Mastech For Technical Iron Works LLC

d) Staffs – MTC Management, Employees, Subcontractors and visitors.

Statement policy

4.1. All Employees are required to follow safety as an integral part of their life and each of

them are responsible for the safety of themselves and of others in any situation and circumstances.

4.2. Employees should work with proper personnel protection equipments in accordance

with the applicable safety and health requirements of safety policy.

Personal protection

5.1. As the minimum requirements MTC provides the following items and all the material

are reissued in case of damage.

5.2. a)Safety footwear

 b)Safety Goggle

  1. c) Safety helmet
  2. d) Cover all
  3. e) Hand Gloves

Primary action to be taken to follow safety

6.1. All employees must maintain GOOD HOUSE KEEPING and keeping their work

place clean and tidy at all time.

6.2 Employee must dedicate themselves with special requirements for their safety for other

who are working in live plants, constructionarea or individual site. This includes brief

condition about the jobs. Job should not be started without a valid work permit and safe

access to the job.

6.3. Mastech For Technical Iron Works LLC will not tolerate any kind of unsafe practices

where there is risk for performing the job. If any employee works unsafe, initially he will

be verbally warned and if repeat he will be issued a written MEMO. Continuing again,

the individual will be terminated immediately.

Safety officer and duties

7.1. Safety officer will introduce the safety policy and all issues regarding safety and

accidents’ shall be co-ordinate through him. All employees are issued a copy of safety

policy revised edition and safety officer explains the policy and he clears the doubts of

the employees regarding safety.

7.2. He will keep all investigation and results in office and will give the guidance and conduct

meeting in every week. Each individual is given separate instructions according to their

work places.

Emergency procedure

Working in live plant:

8.1. Situation

If found gas leak or fire or any type of emergency, contact client responsible person

immediately and inform the situation to them.

In case of alarm, it is unsafe to continue the job.

8.2. Action:

  1. a) Stop the job and vacate the place. Move to safe place like assembly point.
  2. b) Be there till the situation come to normal. Once the situation comes open the permit

again and starts the job. Do not start without work permit.

(Once alarm is given the work place is unsafe to work and automatically the permit gets cancelled).

Accident Reporting

All accidents major and minor should be reported as follows:-

  1. a) At site the incident should be reported to first aid center and then all details in written

and to the office. If the case is worse the message can be passed to office through

phone immediately. find the real cause of accidents and shall take preventive action so

that the same incidents will not occur again.

  1. b) An investigation can be carried out to find the real cause of accidents and shall take

preventive action so that the same incidents will not occur again.